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Baja California

Baja California


A Rich History

Prior to the modern era, the island was inhabited by people of the Gabrielino/Tongva tribe, who, having had villages near present-day San Pedro and Playa del Rey, regularly traveled back and forth to Catalina for trade. The Tongva called the island Pimu or Pimugna and referred to themselves as the Pimugnans or Pimuvit.

Archeological evidence shows Pimugnan settlement beginning in 7000 BC. The Pimugnans had settlements all over the island at one time or another, with their biggest villages being at the Isthmus and at present-day Avalon, Shark/Little Harbor, and Emerald Bay. The Pimugnans were renowned for their mining, working and trade of soapstone which was found in great quantities and varieties on the island. This material was in great demand and was traded along the California coast

At the time of first European contact in 1542, to more recent years, Catalina Island was once owned by William Wrigley, Jr. of Wrigley chewing gum fame. He developed Avalon as a resort island destination and brought the Chicago Cubs baseball team (which he owned) to the Island for spring training in the 1930-1950’s.

Hollywood Charm

The Island also served as a location for many of the movies filmed in the early days of Hollywood. In fact, one of the movies filmed in the 1920’s brought 14 buffalo to the Island and left them on the Island. Now a herd of about 150 buffalo roam the island’s interior. In the 1970’s Wrigley deeded 88% of the Island to the Catalina Island Conservancy so it remains undeveloped and wild very much like Hollywood’s “back lot” in early filming days.  Catalina Island’s rich history can be seen in many of the buildings and historic landmarks that dot the City's landscape.  

Bienvenidos a Mexico!

You will be received by a whirlwind of sensations when you arrive at Ensenada, one of the most important ports in Mexico. 

Enjoy the large tourist infrastructure offered by the city and witness its constant cultural activities that blend with its beautiful natural attractions and beautiful beaches. Play golf in one of its spectacular golf courses or enjoy a relaxing and intimate moment in one of its spas.   Due to its perfect year round climate, Ensenda has some of the best wine tasting in Mexico.

Take part in unique experiences such as whale watching, or if you prefer, go diving and kayaking. Practice rock climbing or inject adrenaline into your tour by conquering zip lines and suspension bridges to enjoy one of the most extreme rushes in Ensenada.

Enjoy one of its restaurants and discover the Baja Med cuisine, a concept that originated in the city of Tijuana, but which has become the state’s icon. Go out into its streets! There you will also find a true gastronomic safari, as small food carts serving local food, such as the food prepared at La Guerrerense, await you with the best offering of the region’s products.  Cool off in one of the oldest cantinas (pubs) in the country, Hussong’s, while listening to tunes by Pink Floyd or The Doors performed in the purest style of the northern band. Ensenada is also the gateway to the Wine Route; enjoy the feast of life among mountains and vineyards, caress the afternoon while you lose yourself in the clear sky of the Guadalupe Valley.